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Mr. Bright side!

Damian Phillips CU9892

In 2023 call me Mr Bright Side! A grave misconception in society is that someone who sees his/her self as a positive thinker is someone who sees the world through rose colored glasses and is naive to the coldness of the world. The truth of the matter is that most positive thinkers are people who have seen the worst of the ills of the world. They are people who are on the Bright Side of addiction, abuse, heart ache, and disappointments. They are Survivors who resolved within themselves that no matter what they face going forward they will face it with a positive mind looking for the best of it. Conversely, people on the opposite side of this - the Dark Side, tend to be negative thinkers who are imprisoned to their pain and trauma and unable to move forward. They're cynical, pessimistic, and they look for and expect the worst outcome in every situation. This is a reality in our society that goes unspoken. We usually address the symptoms or the behavior that's produced but not the root. Here's a truly. If we're honest with ourselves we'll all agree that things in life rarely turn out the way we want it and when it doesn't it hurts. Sometimes its our fault and sometimes its at the hand of someone else. That's a truth! The question is how do we respond? The Bright Side or Dark Side? The beauty of the Bright Side is the power. All of us in The Survivors Community have an inventory of the things we've survived that we draw power from. We're able to say, "I made it through that - I can make it through anything!" Those on the Dark Side can't actualize this power because they're unable to translate the Bright Side of what they've been through. Another side of this power is the ability to help others. Those on the Bright Side of trauma are usually the best aids to others who are experiencing that same trauma. (Message: that's Scripture - 2 Corinthians 1:3-4). So in 2023 call me Mr. Bright Side! No matter how cold or dim the world gets watch me shine! May you do the same!

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