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Niecey Sis

This is a shout out of epic proportions to someone in my life who is such an epic achiever. Niecey Sis you are a testament of hard work & focus. You literally crush goals & do so with an unmatchable drive that few can maintain. You do so while constantly overcoming anxiety & other pressures that try to crush you down like enhanced gravity. You crash through every ceiling & rise higher & higher until the world beneath you becomes a board game. I am challenging you right now today, on the day you reach the milestone of 21 years old to look back at the journey you've traveled & marvel at the Woman you've Blossomed into. You have Overcome and Conquered obstacles that sought to stumble you & send you free falling into despair. You've done so on levels that many people would've made excuses for you if you chose to succumb to failure. Life hasn't & isn't easy for you, but you kick it's a** daily no matter what. You are Strong & Fortuitous. You have so much Grit & Determination. You are Dangerous & overwhelmingly Powerful. You are beyond Beautiful & Unquestionably one of the most Intelligent people that anyone knows. Love yourself the way that everyone else does. Love yourself the way that my sister did and still does. She wanted better for you than she gave herself. You've already accomplished that a billion times over, and I'm sure she's smiling and constantly bestowing her blessing on you as you read this. Now it's time for you to want the same for you that you want for everyone else. You've run this race, the finish line is ahead of you. You haven't just run, YOU'VE WON! & I am so so proud of you. You know like I know though that more races are ahead, and they aren't won with luck. All hustle and no luck Niecey Sis. You have already shown yourself to be capable of anything. I am excitedly waiting & watching to see what you do next. The world is yours, as is the unlimited vast resource of my love and support. Thank you & congrats on being you. I love you Happy Birthday!

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