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No Village

There's no village... they say it takes a village to raise kids and get through stuff but where is mine? How do I apply? Where do I go to sign up? Is there certain requirements? Do I not meet the standards or wear the perfect expressions on my face?

Where's the village? Do I have to send a distress signal like Batman? Is my struggles not clear enough? Do you need a telescope? Do I need to wear a shirt that says "Village me please"? Do I have to ask and ask no matter if it's always no's or maybe so's? What if I lay down or throw a fit? What if I'm at my wits end and ready to quit? Then will I receive a village?

I can't find my village... Am I looking in the right area? Do I have to wait for the release of my partner? Is it family? Or friends? Or associated? Where art thou? Do I have to call everyday? Fake the smile, to them get my way? Do I have to look a certain way or come from a certain someone? Maybe then someone will reach out and I'll have someone to depend on?

Village can you hear me?? Oh no there is no one. Not after what I've asked, not after me screaming and yelling, not after me begging and pleading, not even after me bruised, broken and bleeding... not after surgeries, procedures, appointments and more...

Where is my village... there was never a village not for me anyway, so what am I even writing this for???

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