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The nature of trust

Hello my name is King Marty (F.K.A) Marty Supreme


- There are four elements to establishing the nature of trust, Competency, Reliability, Sincerity & Engagement & these are by definition;



- To be competent means the person must have the ability or sufficient means to complete the task. EXAMPLE; The person must already know how to do what you are asking them to do or can be taught how to do what you need them to do.



- To be reliable means the person must be dependable to fulfill the task.

EXAMPLE; The person must be able to be counted on to do the task you need them to do when you ask them.



- To be sincere means that the person must be truthful, genuine & without deceit or pretense.

EXAMPLE; The person must keep you informed of the progress of the task & if they can't do it then let you know as soon as possible so you can come up with another plan to get the task competed.



To engage means the person must commit to completing any task that they said they would.

EXAMPLE; Actions speak loader then words so if a person tells you they love you or your their friend challenge them by making them show you.


• If you follow this formula can't nobody inter your circle that ain't beneficial to helping you achieve your goals. As you can see each element go's into the next one, first you must be COMPETENT in doing the task, second you must be RELIABLE to do the task, third you must be SINCERE when you commit to doing the task, & finally you must ENGAGE by doing the task.

• You must have all four elements to establish trust for if one is missing the relationship is sure to fail. If a person is missing any one of these elements do not teach them cut the off.

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