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The Pedestal

"If y'all was capable of getting it, I wouldn't mind explaining
If y'all was capable of getting it, it wouldn't need explaining"

So often I hear "Don't put me on a pedestal." I used to think that statement made sense. I tried to convince myself that it does, but it really doesn't to me. To me the pedestal is where you place things you value the most. Things you don't want getting damaged or mishandled by any & everyone. The pedestal is where you place things of Uniqueness, Beauty & Worth. Rare things that are irreplaceable. If you value you the way that I do, why would you not wanna be placed there? Me putting you on a pedestal does not put any pressure on you to be perfect. I value You 1,000% for who You are, whatever perceived flaws you may see in yourself. Where you see flaws I see the Uniqueness of You. The things that set You apart & make You identifiable in my heart & life as Something & Someone Special enough to remember in a Meaningful way. Any pressure you feel being on a pedestal is pressure you create in your mind & heart. Pressure that only exist because you will it into existence. I never tell anyone "I'm putting you on a pedestal." but there are people I have done so with. A great many people. I put you on a pedestal for all the many reasons I listed above. There's one more reason. When I put things & people on a pedestal, I put them so high that they cannot be reached or damaged by anybody who doesn't value them the way I do. If you don't wish to be put on a pedestal then I won't be able to reach you. Everything I put on a pedestal I put there to protect from harm & misuse, & that includes me. I put myself on the highest pedestal because I value me that much. If I have to bend down to pick up the things & people not on a level with me. People who choose to step down off their pedestals, then I expose me to damage & misuse, & I will not allow that because I am irreplaceable. I'd rather be up here where I have properly placed all the things I value.

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