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The System has failed-1

There are many many things wrong with the justice system that can't be fixed immediately, but there are just as many that can be fixed quickly. One is the trial process. There is not an inkling of truth that there is guilty and innocent. No such thing as innocent until proven guilty. Matter-of-fact the fact that one did the crime or not is completely irrelevant. It is who puts on the best financial gain and greasy palms.

There are no repercussions for the Attorneys, District attorneys and Judges included, for not doing there job. Just an oops. That's not right at all. If they are doing something against the rules of court then you have to catch them and then convince the judge or judges if you have to appeal it, that what they did was wrong. It doesn't matter how obvious it is they must be called on it. Then they get to argue why they should be allowed to continue.

Meanwhile you have to, uneducated to the process, file the complaint within a "timely" fashion. They went to school for like 8 year and had courtroom experience while you are fighting blind. You have six months to cram a decade of learning and experience into your brain. Then use what you overloaded your brain with in court in a timely and efficient manner. Good luck!

This stuff is confusing to professors that have dedicated their lives to studying it. You have an attorney, and that's cool, but if he doesn't do his job properly then you have 30 days to study and file your next appeal. And so on and so on. Until one day they decide that you are Time barred because your attorney didn't preserve an issue that was obvious or you didn't get something in on time or word it properly. Why, because you didn't go to law school.

We need to hold them accountable for their actions against the less fortunate. They are nothing but affluent bullies and a reprimand is not enough. It needs to be substantial to be affective. More later.

David Ferguson 2/13

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