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The Woman Who Gives

"If y'all was capable of getting it, I wouldn't mind explaining
If y'all was capable of getting it, it wouldn't need explaining"

How do you adequately say thank you to the woman who has given you everything? How do you honor someone in a meaningful way when they're constantly doing & doing so with an efficiency that thanks & appreciation seem so small? My answer is I have no idea, what I also know is that no matter how small or insignificant my gesture might feel, you deserve the effort of me trying. Mom you are unifying, my rallying cry against the stresses, frustrations, pains & traumas that seek to overwhelmingly cease my existence. I can't imagine anybody on this planet being invested in my continuance as much as the woman who carried me inside of her for weeks on top of weeks. I was that fourth child for the people who don't know & I am thankful that I am here despite your many trials & struggles. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of the reason that you're still here. Your ability to care the way you do with the singular focus of putting your children & family 1st is a gift. It's a superpower that you've always utilized to the utmost effect. You taught us lessons that we all know inherently. You are an example & mirror for us to gauge our progress. Honestly we're failing & falling short, it isn't for a lack of your example, it just shows how difficult what you do is & why it should be honored so. If I go left you're there. If I go right you're there. I am absolutely covered at every turn & always have been. Now you've switched gears, this year you've reached a milestone & I am thankful that you're still here. You are the most amazing & supportive person who has ever lived life. You carry us all including my father. On top of raising us you have maintained a marriage for almost 40 years. You are an icon & the way you love is a goal. I will forever appreciate you & your sacrifices. Please turn all that you give inward & love you as deeply as you've always done for each life that has come out of your womb. We aren't perfect, but it's obvious to us all that we'd be far worse without the love and investment you've always given. None of us is perfect, not even you, but we all matter in each aspect of each others lives and in the most significant of ways, your daughter taught us that. Thank you for her. Thank you for my brothers and my other sister. Thank you for all the reasons I have to continue on. Thank you for the commitment you have instilled in me that my children benefit from and will so for the rest of their lives. Thank you for the world around me and all the pieces in it I have yet to explore. Today is only one day in the long and fulfilling saga of you and I am thankful to be a minor part of it. There's not enough thanks in the world for me to ever measure up. There's not enough resources and gifts available to me for me to love you on the level you deserve. What does exist is the very best I have to offer, and that will always be what I give to you with no shorts at all. You are an amazing and incredible woman who deserves the very best of life. My goal is to give you that a billion times over, and as you always say "Giving up is not an option." I won't fail you Mom. Take heart in knowing that I refuse to fail because you deserve my success. I love you as I always have forever and a day. Thank you for continuing on this sometimes fruitless journey. Thank you for giving so much and asking so little. Thank you for always being committed. I love you and I will honor you today and always with all of me. Happy Birthday Mom, and Happy Anniversary. Thank you for always surviving and making sure I did too.

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