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Jamaal Ennis KS4941

Sound Cloud has a lot of artist's music on it. and it's like almost ( 20 ) Rappers and ( 6 ) R & B singers that recently went home back to the street's. or fell off the map and passed on , a lot of people forget that some of these artist's are only human. so some how and some way they are back in the system with they're riches up for grabs with nothing being done about it. now they are ( SCI Mahanoy Idol ) you know american idol , we are putting these people on high pedestal. so when they trade they're riches to cells , instead of cells to riches we as a people have to dream better and search better. here's an opening { Contrackz Music recording studio } 3451E. Fremont ave. Bronx, NY. 10465 ( 718 ) 822 - 1106 here's you're future the ball is in you'r court now aim 4 the moon....

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