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Young Exact

"If y'all was capable of getting it, I wouldn't mind explaining
If y'all was capable of getting it, it wouldn't need explaining"

Special Birthday shout out to one of my most solid day one's Young Exact. When it rains it pours. S**t got super cloudy for you these last few, yet you keep pressing on wit a head held high. I ain't heard you whine or complain once since I've known you, I just see you pick up the pieces & keep it moving. I never got to really thank you for introducing me to Laws of Human Nature by Robert Greene (still one of my favorite books to this day). The fact that you emphatically pressed the issue that I read it showed me what type of person you are, & highlighted the type of person you understood me to be. At some time in the near future I hope to repay you for the undeserved gift of ya loyalty. You step up in a major way for me time & time again, I hate feeling like I'll never catch up, but it's a rewarding goal for me to chase. I need you to ease up on tryna work yaself to death. I know going to get it is important, but it ain't more important than you. Do what you gotta to get yours, but don't forget to live meaningfully in the process. This stop right here the only one we got, don't short change yaself outta the experience of it. Ya music helps me hold my head & know that expressing it helps, so I keep following ya lead with that. Today is a day for me that's doubly heavy, I get to celebrate a person worth celebrating, & I also get to celebrate the fact that you are still here for me to celebrate with. I am a firm advocate of giving people their flowers while they're here to smell them, & you deserve yours. Every single day you overcome something that was meant to hinder you & derail you from being you. You bob, weave, sidestep & counter. You fight ya a** off to live life & be you, and I need you to know that you are supported at every turn. Keep holding ya head & stay ten toes. Don't ever doubt you, cause I never will. Congrats on being you.

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