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Am I Institutionalized?

The query, in and of itself, can be perplexing and lend itself to substantive and meaningful Discourse. First, let me delve into the concept of Institution. We all belong to an Institution of some sort. Our very "Essence" our Self Constitution is a derivative of some Idea, borne of a broader set of Principles and Codes, by which we are governed. Therefore, we are ALL "Institutionalized"

Institutionalization takes on various forms. Some detrimental. In which, we become immersed in an Abyss of Self Sabotage, trapped in this morass of Adversity and Despair that's a byproduct of the indoctrination spurred by the happenstance that's Imprisonment. I've fought vehemently and valiantly to oppose said Forces. To Live my Life in accordance with an Absolute Belief in my Worthiness to Exist, rather than be relegated to some Minion of this State sponsored Parochialism.

To avoid the Fate of many who've endured Imprisonment, is to resist becoming Embittered by Circumstance. This time "Off-Land" as I like to term it, is ripe with the opportunity. It's an opportunity to cancel our Enrollment to a failed School of Thought. Who we were, where were from, doesn't determine our Destination. Evolution is key. The displaced Aggression and Ire we harbor can be channeled to Create a Reality of Communal Sustenance. One where we, as a Collective, further Agendas that allow for Prosperity of the Masses.

It's been said "A Journey of 1,000 miles starts with the First step" I believe your Blog is that proverbial First Step.

I commend You for Efforts and Energies exerted in furtherance of such a Noble Endeavor. May the New Year deliver momentum to your Causes and allow ya Message be broadcast to the Masses.


Your Comrade,

Edward (Dub) Wright Jr.

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