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Am I Institutionalized?

Ronald Smith AP5080

"HEALED! LOYAL! OBEDIENT!" God's Soldier/BAYÉ.... Hello TSC, so good to hear from you. My Joy's enhanced, and the theme, "Are You Institutionalized?" has opened many conversations about Institutionalization amongst those of us who are incarcerated.... My question, What's Being Institutionalized? Is it our being in Institutions and not Penitentiary's, or is it our emotional, mental and spiritual states, due to our being imprisoned within an Institution? NO! I'M NOT INSTITUTIONALIZED, per se, for I'm still vying to (GET FREE, BE FREE, and STAY FREE in all aspects of FREEDOM, so I can be FREE INDEED... MUHTHAFUCK these Institutions. I've been incarcerated over forty-two (42) years, and I refuse to bow down in any way, shape and/or form to the regimented conditioning that promotes being institutionalized.... I love what you all are doing and I pray my response to your question gives others enlightenment about, and insight into whether or not they're Institutionalized, beyond the Sandstone Walls, and Razor Wired topped fences.... FROM PRISON TO FREEDOM, BAYÉ

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