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Am I Institutionalized?

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

Quinzell Reddick KU1210

I AM INSTITUTIONALIZED and was affected by a institution since. Feb 19 ,1990 I was born the home of my GrandMother, Miss Delsi Reddick { May she rest in peace} .On the corner of 26 and Indiana. My mother say that she was in the shower when " I just Slipped out". Though the world was not ready for me I was ready for the world. Dropped into a INSTITUTION that was designed for me to fail. I was Blessed to have a strong mother to PICK ME UP witch was essential in the circumstances. Like many other babies who were born in that 90s. My father was in prison and It wouldn't be until 13 years later that I will meet and greet my father when he was released. New to the world I wasn't alone to prepare for a world of unknowns. I had two older brothers Terrell who was only 1 year older and Sheron who was 8 years old. Sharon being the oldest boy with a single mother, he was forced into a roll and became our father figure. Tough task for a kid with his father also being in prison serving a life sentence. Soon after my "arrival " my mother was chose for placement in one of the many housing units in Philadelphia { The Projects / section 8 } A small INSTITUTION that is apart of a larger INSTITUTION. We were placed in Northeast Philadelphia in the Oxford Circle area. In a small projects called "Oxford Village". Its was violent as men disputed over drug deals and territory. I vividly remember having to hide in the bathroom to escape the stray bullets ripping through our small home. Or on one occasion I was riding my BIG WHEEL and road straight into a shoot out. The man who was shooting ran right by me having to jump over my big wheel as he fired at his adversary . I grew up INNOCENT in a INSTITUTION of violence and soon that violence hit home. On Jan 21 2000. The beginning of a new year. I was shaken awake by my brother Terrell as he said "The cops killed Sheron." My innocents was stripped away. Read my book (Untreated Trauma A Generational CURSE) on. Amazon By me "Quinzell Reddick."

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