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Am I Institutionalized?

(Jeffery A. SHOCKLEY-ES 4796)

As we collectively sit within our prison walls,

Built by the choices and decisions which have been made,

Saddened by the pains that have been caused,

Contributing to a world deeply in pain,

Now is the time, a time for change...

Picture a Free world that is Free to see,

Beyond social hatred and racial disparity,

Where every life and bourgeoning entity,

Is ideally seen for who we all could be...

Picture a Free World that can be Free,

To see through a lens of honest transparency,

As we appreciate our differences, embracing similarities,

Meeting each other, Serving all our needs...

Picture a Free World that truly is Free,

Where Unity prevails within our Society,

Soldiering onward for J-U-S-T-I-C-E,

The intentions of ones heart, no longer mystery,

Supportive through traumatic poverty...

Picture a Free World, that would be Free,

Expressing I love you, You love me, Proudly, Genuinely,

No one seeking harm secretly,

Rather encouraging one another openly...

Picture this World, as it should be Free,

No longer blemished by anyone's History,

A future prevailing we desire to see,

Picture a World we all are Free

Picture a World of beautiful Humanity.

How do we see a World we wish to be?

Why must we separate you from me?

Can we achieve in our heart this elusive peace?

Why must we be afraid to each other speak?

We mustn't be hesitant of love for each other we teach?

As we collectively breakdown our prison walls,

Removed by choice in unity made,

Rising above the pains that have been caused,

Changing a world deeply in pain,

Now is the time, a time for change...

Let's Get Free.

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