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Day 13 leading to Year 4

"If y'all was capable of getting it, I wouldn't mind explaining
If y'all was capable of getting it, it wouldn't need explaining"

13 days down and a lot of tests to go. Khalid, Mom Mom, Mar Mar. Rough road yet to travel, yet travel it you shall. You have suffered more losses than anyone I know, and you press on and live still. Everyday is an opportunity to give up or keep going and everyday you make the choice I'm thankful for. Life is impermanent, and easily wasted. Do not waste yours. Don't get lost in who is no longer here. Don't get lost in regrets. Don't get lost in what no longer exists. What does exist is you and everything inside of you that matters. You carry a universe inside of you. The worlds that have lived, and the ones yet to do so. The Universe inside you needs you present. It needs you living so that it can be born new every single day. So that it can thrive and grow into what it's meant to be. You've lost some people and things, but not in totality. You still have pieces. Pieces that were the unique relationships that y'all shared. The things that made y'all y'all, the things that no one else will ever share. The pieces you have keeps them in existence. The pieces you have that live on inside you. You leave pieces of you everywhere. It's unintentional, but it's done. Every life you invest in. Every choice you make to care. Every moment that you influence with your presence. Pieces. Pieces that will exist forever in the story of who we all are. The inspiration you give that impacts someone whether they acknowledge you in it or not is still the inspiration you give. Who you are is always who you are that truth will forever stand alone and on its own. No help needed. You are you, and who you are matters. I can't speak for the world. I have no desire to. What I will say is what I feel and what I feel is that who you are is life changing in more ways than a few. If you don't see it yet, I've still got a lot of work to do, and as long as I can, I shall.

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