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Exist comes from the Latin word existere. Ex- meanining out + sistere meaning to cause, stand, set, or place. Ultimately exist means to have reality.*

Currently we exist in the physical sense through our bodies. This a narrow sense. When one dies do they no longer exist? Is their reality no more?*

We also exist through our minds and souls, both of which have reality beyond our physical reality. We read Malcolm X, Mao Tse Tung, Che, and the list goes on. This literature which represents their thoughts which has reality beyond their physical bodies. They exist not in body but in mind and thought.*

Our physical bodies also have a soul. This represents our character, morals, and the essence of who we are. We tell stories of Martin Luther King Jr, Nelson Mandela, and countless others. Their essence have reality when we reminisce on the core of their being. Their souls have existence through us.*

Our existence continues based on what we leave behind. When we recognize this, it allows us expand the narrow traditional view. It enables one to realize that they are larger than life itself. By admitting this we have a strengthened ability to shape reality as we see fit, not just in life but in the next life as well.*

Kenjuan Congo Jr**

IG @kjcongo3*

prison radio: Kenjuan Congo Jr

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