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Hello world,I just stop by to enlighten you all with this here correspondence ! I believe in the living so our affirmation is " Existence "..I'm just a courageous contributor to the "Survivor's Community" ! I'm currently Isolated for enduring,and not ignoring my blind loyalty to so called friends,so yeah existence isn't something I'll question because history repeats itself ! (proof) There will always be "The Good" The Bad" & The Evil" Then furthermore, there is a "GOD" for which I'll never criticise ! He is whom created you and i ! The history of his well i can almost guarantee you, No human would ever have the power nor thee audacity to erase ! Now let me bring you readers up to date ! After years of dealing with losses, depression an hopelessness,i can now honestly say, Isolation forced me to be patient ! I went years locked away from past mistakes ! I spent long hours wondering when reality would finally set in ! Life without parole is segregation,because your mind may be in the real world ,but your body is trapped inside a tiny bathroom stall that actually becomes your temporary living quarters ,until "GOD" fix the sentence the residing judge ordered ! I know this all to well,so I'm just demonstrating my existence, for those whom may read from The non existing so they say ! My history isn't like those whom came before me like"Christopher-Jughead-Smith" & "Harold Big fiq Murray III" &"Arlando Big O Pickett" & Jamel Cheese ball Montgomery " or " Anthony Peanut Washington " all legends like "Hakeem Beezy Bey"but we all share something that is so unique,which is praising "GOD" ! We all look in the face of Oppression with each passing day ! We know that there was life on earth way before our expected existences! There were people from all walks of life just roaming this world, living it & getting it ! Now we have to survive cause "EQUALITY AIN'T REAL THEY HATE'US" (BKA)"E.A.R.T.H !

Andre Collier

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