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Existence: from, S. Sharp: aka A.Haqq

The existential question posed is an interesting one. Yet, what interests me most is the question of whether each of us are making our existences something of substance? Or, have we become complacent with our mundane existences, never exerting efforts toward changing our existences for that which we perceive as a vision of freedom, self-determination, and equality, in a world who has individuals hell bent on depriving us of that substantial capacity to ever see such a vision for ourselves materialize. I mention this because many of the individuals named as still EXISTING; even if only in the memories of those whose lives were impacted by THEIR existence, endeavoured during THEIR EXISTENCE to make THEIR existence, and the existence of succeeding generations of other people's lives better by their ACTIONS. I guess you could put this another way. "Are we merely SURVIVING, or are we striving to make our existences something of substance?" I am asking because I think it is a conversation that could garner greater fruit, since, it calls for each of us to be accountable, and to do self analyses that could improve where we each are as individuals, existing in a state of confinement. With that said, consider the following quote of Amos Wilson, who said:

"Power comes with being; with INTERACTIVE EXISTENCE; with being alive. It is the essence of life and the motive force of growth and development and of the adaptability of living things to environmental changes and demands. POWER refers to the ability TO DO, the ability to BE, the ability to PREVAIL. Beingness and aliveness originate with power. To be powerless is to be will-less, impotent and lifeless; without effect or influence; to be nothing, of no account."

Which of these will you be?


A. Haqq

S. Sharp #BQ-8429

SCI Dallas

P.O. Box 33028

St. Petersburg, Fl. 33733

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