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#Existsnce by Tyrell Jones

Someone once said that what we do in life, echoes throughout eternity. Big or small, famous or so called regular people, we all have something to offer if we choose to take those opportunities. There is definitely a difference between living and existing. To me, existing is just a physical presence, while living is an existence that flourishes. Would you consider a dead and rotting tree as living or just existing? It only exists because of its physical presence in the world. Only when it bears fruit, produces leaves, and flourishes in the ecosystem is it considered living. Of course, people are a different matter altogether. We as people can live a productive life and leave behind a legacy that exists forever. Why is that? I believe its because we have the ability to effect this world in so many ways beyond our physical presence. You mentioned MLK. He chose to live in a way that would uplift us as a whole. A way that would push this world forward in hopes of creating a better living. Although not in a physical sense, his existence remains alive through those who have adopted the same doctrines in hope of something better. The same goes for those viewed as "regular" people. Our families, friends, and loved ones continue to exist for more personal reasons. They affect us on a deeper level. Good or bad, things they may have said and done tend to stick with us. We take those lessons and pass them down to those around us in hopes to make them better. That cycle repeats itself through them as well. Some may say its not on the same level as MLK or Malcolm X but that's not true in my eyes because someone's existence sparked them to be who they were. Your existence matters because it affects others. We take the good ones and try to build on it while the bad ones remain cautionary tales of what you don't want for yours. That's just my opinion on the matter.

Tyrell Jones JM-6845

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