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#Monday Mournings Kwame

"If y'all was capable of getting it, I wouldn't mind explaining
If y'all was capable of getting it, it wouldn't need explaining"

Yesterday was the 14 year anniversary of my brother's death. It's also the Birthday of my father, so I always choose to give the entirety of my thoughts and energy to him. Different losses effect me in different ways. Some hit me occasionally. Some on anniversary dates. Some when little things trigger memories. I know there's no right or wrong way to grieve nor any time limit. My Bro was such a key component of my everyday life for so long in my life that I feel his loss daily even all these years later. There's literally a hole in my life where his energy used to exist. His jokes, his laugh, his way of living life that was uniquely his. People say things are irreplaceable. It's a common term. Some things truly are irreplaceable and who he is will always be that irreplaceable thing that I miss and that my life is diminished without. I say this to say that the people in your life who are super significant, learn to recognize them instead of take your interactions for granted and routine. The people you see daily. The people you talk to, laugh with. The people you have inside jokes with. Cherish them today and not on the anniversary of their passing or their birthday. I hope that my love transcends this existence and he feels it everyday with the intensity I wish he did when he was here with me. To my Brothers Total Chaos (remember that lol) Cap, Had, Peedi, Goo, and everybody else who knows who y'all are and how we live, if today is all we got know that the love I got in my heart for y'all is eternal, and I'mma give y'all everything I got until I leave this earth. Time don't matter, or distance, space nor issues. We all we got, and all we got is right now. Kwame, I love you and I miss you bro. One day I hope it all makes sense, because right now it still don't. Even death can't do us part.

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