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Ronald Smith AP5080

TSC, the following is a short-short, which I believe will go over well in enlightening those whom need it.... "LIMITED!" by Ronald Smith/BAYÉ.... Née completes his second lap around the small Block Yard when Tor falls in step beside him. "What up?" Tor asks. "Not enough!" Née answers, looking up at a darkening sky. "What the hell that mean?! Tor asks a bit irritated by Nee's response. Née looks Tor in his dark eyes, then says, " Look around you, Bruh. See that wall, it's got razor wire for hair!" Née states with disdain. "Think about our being confined, limited in the prison jobs we can have." Tor's quiet for a moment. "Fuck a job in jail!" he says, then realizes Née's in one of his moods to enlighten himself and any of those in ear shot. "Silt MUHTHAFUCK, that's not the point!" Née snaps. "We're ensconced in limitations, in the space we have in those nut-ass modern day cages, disguised as fuckin' cells, with Cable capabilities we must occupy. Limited in being intimate with our wives, girlfriends, husbands and boyfriends. "What you got?" Tor ask being funny. "Don't be silly, you saw my Sweet Incomparable Love," Née responds. "Anyway, we're limited in how much time we can talk on the phone, and visit with our Loved Ones," Née takes a deep breath, liking the clean air, then goes on. "Even where we go within these razor wired topped fences is limited. LIMITED! LIMITED! LIMITED!" Née exclaims, looking around at the various individuals in the small Block Yard, exercising, playing cards, and/or conversing about sports, politics, and their exploits before their incarceration. Née hears 'MISTER MAGIC' playing from the Tablet hooked up to the SUPER THREE radio, and becomes nostalgic as images of his siblings flip through his mind. "We're limited in how long we can interact with each other, we're even fuckin' limited in when it comes to educational and vocational programs, along with the Law and Recreational Libraries, along with being able to obtain useful information."DAMN! You're on a roll Bruh!" Tor says, and takes a deep hit of his (e-Cig 4 Inmate), bringing a glare of discuss from Née. "Let's not forget how our Emotional, Mental, and Physical Health Care are limited... LIMITED! LIMITED! LIMITED! Even in how we can pose for flicks, along with what we can do and say when the Yahoos act the fuck up!" Née states as the basketball bounces toward him. "You notice we're limited in what the fuck we eat, when we can shower, get fresh air, and how damn much!" "Calm yourself Bruh, don't get your Blood Pressure up," Tor warns Née, not wanting his friend to suffer through headaches, due to his High Blood Pressure. Née ignores Tor and goes on. "Even the practicing of our religions is limited. Can't you see our choices behind walls and fences are limited. Limited in Life Assurance, so fuck Life Insurance. So even a choice to Max Out is limited, because that shit's not guaranteed. After all, being murdered in these institutions is a real fuckin' thing, and even that's been limited!" Tor Stares up at the Crescent Moon, then at his friend, and asks, "Were you limited in the part you played in your being behind these razor wired topped fences with hair?" Née shakes his head no, then says, "My choices weren't limited, neither were my dreams," Née answers heading inside as the announcement of Block Yard's terminated is announced. Another reminder of how life's limited no matter who you are and/or where you're at. But, life beyond reinforced sandstone walls, and razor wired topped fences is better in its own limitations.... THE END

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