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Solitary Confinement, AKA The Hole.

For years the Department of Corruption (D.O.C.) has had prisoners Rotting away in their Restricted Housing Units (RHU's ) Waiting for them to get old and sick, Or go insane so they can pump them so full of drugs they won't know who they are, let alone how their rights are being violated. This is why The DOC Video record "everything" except the misconduct and Program Review Committee (PRC) Hearings. They are aware that if they did record those hearings, it would make it difficult for them to get away with denying us the process that's Due. These hearings could never be fair as long as the individuals who are denying the prisoners their Due process, is the same people who are recording the proceedings By Hand. For the most part, the PRC hearings are straight up perfunctory. The decisions are made before the prisoners are brought in the room, And even though PRC is suppose to be made up of a fair and impartial Tribunal, The Deputy Superintendent is making all the decisions. Its time to demand ! These hearing be Video and Audio recorded to ensure everyone receives their process that is due them. Video footage has made a major difference in the past Few years. Video don't lie, Prison Officials Do ! Anwar

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