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Valentine's Day

Hello Community, I would like to preface this message by saying please look beyond the tradition, as some may not agree with it. Rather I send this message to recognize Our Beautiful Queen's who have suffered the most, far too often treated the worst, yet take our sorry butt back time after time.

To and for the Mothers who give life, Grandmother's who've raised us, Aunties who've stepped up.

Wifey who is that 'ride or die', and our Daughter's who keep us wrapped around their little finger. Daddy's little girl no matter how old you or she gets, as we disappoint, again.

Happy Valentine's Day.

And God Made her...

For those who may not know her strength,

Do you ever wonder how she is able,

Capable of doing the greatest with the the least,

While we expect the most,

Demanding she keep going,

Expecting less of ourselves?

And God made her...

She maintains strong, the character of an Angel,

Enduring storms life puts her through,

Demanding ever more of her true,

Looking past her acts of kindness,

In our senseless need,

While she bleeds of pain and,

Heartache from the mistakes we've made.

For those who may not know her ability,

Trying to earn passions of forgiveness,

Using her kindness for weakness,

As broken vessels we'd remain to be,

Had God not made her,

For man, you and me.

For those who may not know her fortitude,

Denying our inadequacies,

The unyielding transparencies,

She can see right through,

Holding on in the hope,

Men will be strong enough,

Man that is tough enough,

Holds himself accountable enough,

To hold and redeliver her dreams,

Because God made her...

There is nothing like the strength of a woman,

Let us raise her up,

Beyond the clouds that sadly descend,

Recognize who she is,

As she stands through until the bitter end,

Thank you to all of our Beautiful Queen's,

May you be recognized, today and forever,

For who you are...

Happy Valentine's Day.


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