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What part of a tree are you?

There are many ways to break down the relationships in our life. As I previously wrote about the 3 circles I figured I would break it down another way.

Let's break this down.

First we'll start with the Leaves. The wind blow this and that way moving the leaves around making them unstable. They fall off, crumble, and turn colors. The season change they wether and die they’re gone. Most people in the world are like that, they’re just there to take and give shade every now and then nothing more, nothing less. Leave these people where they are and take them for what they show you to be. You can't save them. Sorry not Sorry.

Next are the branches. Be careful with the branches they will fool you. They will make you think they’re a good friend but as soon as you step out there on them they will break and leave you high and dry. Be careful what you tell them and how much you give them access in your life.

Lastly we have the Roots. These Roots are grounded! They are blessed people they ride for you and they are not going anywhere. They don’t care to be seen, they don’t care for people to know they do things for you or care to be acknowledged for it. of course you should but they don't do it for any of that so it don't bother them.

Roots are the main source of the tree. It’s only a few of roots compared to the branches and leaves. Treat your roots right because remember in order to have branches and leaves you need those roots as a foundation.

If you tell someone they’re hurting you and you see they’re actively trying to fix it keep them around that’s a leaf trying to grow into something else and better your relationship with them. Now if you tell someone they hurt you and they flip on you and/or keep doing it they don’t care. Get rid of them and move on, no matter how much it hurt. It will get easier as the days go on.

Lets quote it


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